Purpose of the Center

The term Pros-ti corresponds to the concept of relationship in Aristotle. However, throughout history, the concept of relational has become polysemic and underlies modern sociology.

The Study Center for Relational Sociology PROS-TI, within the IPSSER Foundation, stems from a long experience of researches, both theoretical and practical, matured around the relational theory of society – and specifically the relational sociology elaborated by Pierpaolo Donati – developed in many Italian universities by a network of scholars, which proved to be extremely fruitful, and has received increasing attention at the international level.

In particular, the relational paradigm has been enhanced in a series of researches, funded by the Istituto Veritatis Splendor,that have produced a social thought of humanistic renewal in all fields of social sciences, especially sociology and economics. The aims of the Center are to further develop what has been elaborated so far by the Italian relational sociology as a cultural vision and perspective that intends to give an original contribution to scientific studies and practical applications in all aspects of social life.

The objective of relational sociology, in fact, is not only to analyze phenomena, but also to propose interventions and best practices in all areas of social life, in the perspective of a welfare society inspired by the principles of the primacy of the human person, of the common good, of solidarity and subsidiarity .